Nucleo Consult is established as a consulting firm and for almost a decade provides Security Consulting Services, Risk and Threat Assessment, Emergency Preparedness Plans and Procedures, Technical Solutions and Investigations.

We operate under a rigid code of conduct in regards to confidentiality. Our discretion allows us to build solid and long relationships with a wide range of clients, including in the public sector, no matter if we are offering a short-term consulting services or a long-term assignment.

We do not provide our clients’ identity or disclose the services provided to them under any circumstances.

Network and Partnership
With our head office located in São Paulo, the largest city in Brazil, Nucleo Consult was able to build solid relations with national and international consulting partners; including the American partner Sekura Consulting, located in Miami, Florida. These partners help Nucleo Consult to maintain its quality and standards.

Fast Results
We understand that “time is money”. With this in mind, we are committed to prompt services and efficient result, exceeding our clients’ expectations.

Feel free to contact us and learn more about our business. We are devoted to serving your company and providing security to your business.

No matter what type of security service you are looking for, we can help!