Nucleo Consult is a security consulting company founded in Brazil with a portfolio that includes Risk and Threat Assessment; Emergency Preparedness Plans and Procedures; Technical Solutions; and Investigations.

We also provide independent security advice and recommendations related at vendors or contractors selected by our clients without any payment or affiliation with the companies selected. We meet the client’s security expectations by evaluating if personnel or security systems are cost-effective.

Our Team

Nucleo Consult team of professionals has a broad range of backgrounds, formal education and extensive experience in security optimization, security risk management and security design & engineering. We are prepared to develop a pro-active project, with a multi-disciplined approach, that ensures effective security solutions to our clients.


The purpose of our company is to provide security valuations, business continuity plans and recommendations for a diverse range of clients based on our prediction and comprehensive analysis.


Our vision describes what we need to accomplish in order to continue achieving success and recognition not only in South America, but in the whole world.

  • Security: make business more secure and reduce security exposures;
  • Quality: guarantee the best security solutions;
  • Efficiency: provide security measures with cost-efficiency impact.


  • Commitment;
  • Professionalism;
  • Continues pursuit of knowledge enhancement;
  • Strong sense of ethics;
  • Social responsibility.

Code of Conduct

  • Our main code of conduct is confidentiality;
  • Services within legal and ethical principles;
  • Focus on the security needs of our clients;
  • Development of security solutions with capability, knowledge and experience;
  • Offer services founded on updated techniques and standards;
  • Provide effective and sustained continuation of services;
  • Respect for our clients’ culture, policies, standards, ethics and principles;
  • Transparency and loyalty to our clients;
  • A discreet approach to ensure the safety of our clients’ information.